How to prepare for the ACT on March 30th

Gemma Mueller-Hill, Staff Writer

All seniors and juniors are being given the opportunity to take the ACT on March 30 and there are few things you can do to prepare if you are senior or junior who signed up for this unique opportunity earlier in the school year.

Log in to your account on and get started! (Credit: Gemma Mueller-Hill)

First, you should check your email or ask your parents to check their emails, as several emails have been sent regarding what updates your Microsoft Surface Device needs. Also included in these emails are instructions on how to create an account on, which will allow you to take the test on test day and receive your scores after. 

Secondly, the night leading up to the exam you should go to bed on time for at least eight hours of restful sleep and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test to ensure you have set yourself up for success on your exam. 

Next, you should make sure your surface is plugged in and charging Monday night before the exam, as the ACT will be administered through your school device and will require it to be fully charged.  

Lastly, relax! You are going to do great! Good luck Hornets!!