Texas and Mississippi lifting mask mandates


Students at Roswell responsibly wearing their masks. (Credit: Ansley Tanner)

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

Texas and Mississippi governors made monumental decisions on March 2. Gregg Abbott and Tate Reeves lifted the mask mandate in their states. They also will open all businesses to 100% capacity.

Students at Roswell responsibly wearing their masks. (Credit: Ansley Tanner)

This decision seems hasty in that COVID-19 numbers have just recently been on the decline. With the vaccine being released to the public, American people are ready to live life normally. However, these new laws may cause COVID-19 figures to rise again. 

President Biden is still encouraging Americans to wear masks and social distance. Health professionals are also skeptical of the recent laws in place in Texas and Mississippi, saying “On Monday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky strongly cautioned against the very rollbacks that Abbott and Reeves were about to implement.” To read more about the current state of COVID-19 restrictions and to stay updated on the results of the new laws, click here.

These recent changes in Texas and Mississippi have led many Georgians to believe their state is next. Georgia governor Brian Kemp has been one of the first to make changes to mask mandates in the past. 

America will soon be met with the results of this current law, however, in the meantime, continue to wear masks and social distance to keep improving progress.