The New Dunkin Charli Cold Foam Remix

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

Tik Tok star Charli D’amelio has made a brand off of her love for Dunkin Donuts. The original Charli coffee was a cold brew with a caramel swirl. In late February the teen star teamed up with Dunkin again to come up with a new coffee drink. The new drink is a cold brew with sweet foam and cinnamon sugar. The drink is similar to the original Charli drink but now includes sweet cold foam.

Advertisement from Dunkin Donuts Website of their new Charli Cold Brews with Sweet Foam. (Credit: Dunkin)

The drink is sweeter than the original drink and has less of a caramel flavor than the Charli. The remix has a very strong cinnamon flavor which is a unique flavor to coffee, especially iced coffee. It also comes with a lid designed for cold brews with foam which is the lid that does not require a straw. The drink all around was delicious and surprised me at how much I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who liked a sweet iced coffee all-around a 10/10.

With the creation of this drink and its large popularity, the TikTok star has brought a lot of revenue to Dunkin. With all the money being brought in, Dunkin decided to donate $0.50 for every Charli remix sold to the Dunkin’ Joy Childhood foundation. The total donations could round up to $25,000. This organization funds the Foundations Teen Prom Program which gives money to hospitals to host proms for their patients who are unable to attend on their own.  Dunkin even has a contest between March 3rd and March 10th for people to enter to get their own customized drink and a personal video from Charli.