Review: Trying the newest Starbucks drinks | Part 2


There are many other options if the new drinks are not for you. credit: Cecilia Rubio

Cecilia Rubio, Staff Writer

Starbucks has rolled out a new duo of drinks and it was time to give them a try. The two drinks are the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso and the iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso. First up was the oat milk espresso. This drink can be compared to what oatmeal would taste like. It was honestly not as good as it sounded but not terrible. Better than the previous new drink, the pistachio latte, that is. This drink had a cinnamon sugary taste with a twist because of the oat milk. Next was the almond milk espresso. This drink basically just tasted like plain almond milk. The chocolate did not add much flavor and it didn’t have a strong espresso taste. So, maybe give this a try if you don’t like a crazy strong flavor. Overall, neither of these drinks stood out compared to others that have been on the menu. But head to your local Starbucks if you want to give them a try yourself.