Review: Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

The show Ginny and Georgia on Netflix is a must-watch. (Credit: Ansley Tanner)

The show “Ginny & Georgia” is a heartwarming, yet also intense drama. It shows the dynamic of a family of three who move around the country often. A single mom who had her daughter at 16 years old raises her two children in a new town. She faces the struggles of other moms’ judgment, dating a new man, her ex visiting, and a murder case. The ups and downs of a mother and teenage daughter’s relationship are displayed perfectly in this show. “Ginny & Georgia” also shows the struggles teenagers face with mental health and peer pressure in high school. 

With only the first season being released, and it ending on a cliffhanger, audiences are waiting for the second season to be released. “Ginny & Georgia” is an entertaining show that I would recommend watching.