Review: Groundhog Day

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

Movies connect us with emotions of funny, sadness, fear. One movie that seems to have all these emotions which is a movie called “Groundhog Day.” The movie is based in a town called Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania. A depressed and rather always agitated weatherman finds himself reliving the same day repeatedly. He is in the town in the first place to report about their annual Groundhog Day, which happens every year. This constant day repeating everyday seems to drive him crazy until he realizes that he can take advantage of the situations as the day restarts the next morning all over again.

Groundhog Day is a good movie with a solid storyline. (Credit:

The movie’s main protagonist is movie star Bill Murray, who plays a weatherman named Phil Conners. As I watched the movie, Bill Murray’s acting made it feel so real that I had questioned if a day like that could ever happen. Although the movie started off slow, as it progressed the actors did a very solid job of making a story line that kept me intrigued. 

I honestly really enjoyed the movie and I think anyone who is interested in a comedy as well as a solid story should check out the movie “Groundhog Day.”