Harry Styles’ career takes a huge leap as he wins his first Grammy

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

Out of many musical artists, Harry Styles has had one of the most successful years in the 2010’s. Not only has his music impacted society, but the persona of Harry Styles has also set an eye-opening perspective of acceptance throughout society. Near the end of 2019, Styles’ second individual album, “Fine Line,” was released. This album hit #1 on Billboard charts and many other international charts. There are 12 tracks on this album consisting of upbeat and melancholic types of songs.

Post-Grammy celebrations and realizing it’s just the beginning. (Credit: @harrystyles on Instagram)

Harry Styles was previously a part of the band One Direction, which was an all-boy band that originated in London. The band eventually split up in 2015, leading some of the artists to individually release records. Out of the original five members, Harry Styles has definitely been the most successful.

At the 2021 Grammy Music Awards, Styles was nominated for three different awards in three different categories. He was nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Album with album “Fine Line” and the Best Music Video, for a song on “Fine Line” called “Adore You.” Lastly, he was nominated for the Best Pop Solo Performance with another song from “Fine Line” called “Watermelon Sugar.” He ended up winning this category. The performance at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards was simple yet extravagant. Styles does an amazing job performing the song as heard on the radio, yet also adding a twist like saxophones or background singers to make the performance more intriguing. 

Styles deserved every part of this award after putting in hours of hard work into “Fine Line” and performing techniques. Harry Styles’ performances are so remarkable that he has even been compared to former iconic artists like Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury, the lead singer for the band Queen. He has become a sensation to many age groups and genders. This allows for the belief that this Grammy award is just the beginning of Harry Styles’ tremendously successful career.