Review: MLB The Show 21 Hitting

Luke Hicks, Staff Writer

Directional Hitting is shown by aiming where you want to drive the ball. (Credit: Luke Hicks)

For the first time ever, MLB The Show has made its way to Xbox. Long awaited and much needed. Though Xbox Gamers may be ecstatic that baseball’s lead gaming franchise has turned to Xbox, most will not even know how to play. Obviously, there are pitching mechanics and hitting mechanics that these players have never use; me being one of them. I turned to PlayStation players for help on many of my questions. One that I found most difficult was the hitting mechanics. There are 3 options. Directional hitting, zone hitting, and analog hitting.  

The first is directional, a very straightforward technique that lets you pick where you’d like to hit it based on the spin you give the ball. To time your hit, you press buttons on the right to determine which type of swing you do. A is normal swing, X is power swing, and B is contact swing. Directional is only helpful if you are trying to drive the ball to a certain part of the field. This is the simplest of all. 

Maybe the hardest to master, but the best when comfortable, zone hitting requires you to pinpoint exactly where the pitch comes in. (Credit: Luke Hicks)

Zone hitting is next and this is used by most players. When the ball is pitched, a hover area of the ball is picture in front of the player and the goal is to move the zone over the ball and time when you take your swing. The type of hitting is also used here. This on takes the longest to master but gets easier to hit it harder once you move on.

Lastly is Analog. Old Xbox players may know this from MLB 2k in the early 2010s. This is used by moving the right stick to hit the ball. Timing is still needed, but no buttons are used. Pushing the right stick up is a normal swing, right or left is a contact swing, while down and then up is power.