Favorite Films: Knives Out—a whodunnit for the ages

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

When Knives Out first released in theaters, I was against seeing it. Honestly, I was still upset over Finn’s treatment in The Last Jedi and couldn’t even see Rian Johnson’s name without cringing. These thoughts continued when I went to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, but naturally slipped into the back of my mind as the buzz around the film faded.

Although the film came out in the fall of 2019, it’s still a big hit today. Some fans and critics even say that it’s a whodunnit cult classic. (Credit: writertherapy)

Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing wrong with the actors. After all, Chris Evans (Captain America), Daniel Craig (James Bond), and Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday) are Hollywood icons and some of my favorites. My problem was just with the director. 

But when a friend recommended the movie, I couldn’t help but pick it up at my local Target (only to watch it for free on Amazon Prime). And when I say that I misjudged a movie and the director’s capabilities, I mean it. Rian Johnson did a fantastic job writing the script and an even better job directing. 

This week on Favorite Films, Knives Out (2019) is taking the spotlight. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of a movie, it’s a whodunnit mystery film that revolves around the murder of Harlan Thrombey—and who in his household killed him. 


Non-spoiler review


Well-known actor Chris Evans, known starring in Marvel Cinematic Universe and Gifted, plays Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale, the trust fund grandson of Harlan Thrombey. (Credit: Inverse)

Although the beginning of this film starts off a bit slow, once Chris Evans jumps into action as Ransom Drysdale, the plot quickly springs into action, with memorable one-liners and fan-favorite scenes. And, as Evans is introduced, Craig Daniel’s character, Detective Blanc finds his voice, providing fans with a hilarious character. 

Although I had already spoiled the plot for myself and already knew “whodunnit”, it was still a rollercoaster filled with different twists and turns that’ll keep anyone on their toes. Will they? Won’t they? Watch the movie, and you’ll get your answers. 

If you’ve already watched the award-winning film and enjoyed it like I did, then I’ve got some good news: Netflix is releasing two sequels following Detective Blanc’s other mystery cases! If that doesn’t sound interesting, I don’t know what does. Especially since Rian Johnson has been brought on to write and direct them. 

Overall, I’d rate the film an 8/10. If the first half had been as action-packed and hilarious as the second, it would have been bumped up to a 9 or 10/10. Unfortunately, I docked a few points for the slow beginning.  

----------------------Warning: The following content may contains spoilers-----------------------

Spoiler review 

Two words: Biscoff Cookies. If that wasn’t your major takeaway from this movie, then maybe it was Detective Blanc’s speech about donut holes. If not that, then it was “definitely” Ransom Drysdale’s “Eat sh*t” rant. Whatever part of this movie resonated with you, I’m sure it was hilarious.

Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale stole the show when he waltzed into his grandfather’s home, grabbing a bag of Biscoff cookies. This scene quickly became a fan-favorite, going down in film history. (Credit: flickeringmyth)

This film, although in the “whodunnit” genre, has a great comedic element to it. It manages to blend the two flawlessly, especially when Chris Evans and Craig Daniel really start getting into character.

I’ll admit that I already looked up who murdered who on Wikipedia before watching, but it was so much better watching it. The final few moments of the film are filled with action and suspense, especially when Ransom lunges at Marta with one of his grandfather’s knives. When I say that that was unexpected, I mean it.  

Although I was silently hoping that Ransom wasn’t the one who killed Fran and switched his grandfather’s meds, the reveal was one of the best parts of the movie.  

Overall, this film has gone down as one of my favorites and, although it was free on amazon prime, I’m glad that I decided to pick up a copy to add to the mini DVD section on my bookshelf. 

If you’re interested in watching this film yourself, you can most likely find it at your local Walmart or Target, and, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch it for free anytime. To view the trailer, click here


Post-film thoughts:

Some of the big names from Rian Johnson’s Knives Out include Chris Evans, Anna de Armas, Craig Daniel, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Katherine Langford. (Credit: movieweb)

Favorite Character(s): It’s an honest tie between Ransom Drysdale and “Benny” Blanc. Although I really enjoyed watching the other characters, these two grabbed my attention. Both of them have a dramatic and comedic flair, while also having this seriousness that grabs the audience in. Plus, it’s Chris Evans and Craig Daniel—two of the best-known actors in Hollywood. 

Character I think could have been improved: Maybe Meg? Katherine Langford’s character confused me. Sometimes, I felt like she genuinely cared about Marta’s wellbeing. Other times, it seemed as if she was only friends with her for possible financial gain. I don’t really think we ever got clarification on what she was really thinking.  

Favorite Relationship: I loved Marta’s relationships with Blanc, Harlan, and Ransom. While Marta and Blanc have a weird mutual-understanding sort of friendship and she and Harlan have a grandfather/granddaughter relationship, she and Harlan have ainteresting, unique dynamic that I haven’t seen in any other movie. Overall, Marta’s just a really likeable character  

Favorite scene: As much as I love the scene where Blanc goes on a tangent about donut holes, I’ve got to go with Ransom storming into the house and heading straight for the Biscoff cookies. As an avid Biscoff-eater, I both appreciate Ransom’s love for the food and find it hilarious that they chose to add the scene in.  

Sequel: As much as I love the movie, I wouldn’t have guessed that they would’ve made a sequel. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Netflix had bought the rights to make two more films, with Rian Johnson directing and Craig Daniel reprising his role as Detective Blanc. I’m excited to see what mystery they come across next!