The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Flying into success

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

After eight months of impatient waiting, Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is finally available on Disney+.

Sam Wilson, Falcon, and Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, team up in Disney+ latest series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Originally set to release in 2020, the release was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Credit: thecinemaholic)

When Disney first announced The Falcon and The Winter Solider, it was slated to release in August of 2020. However, we’re all familiar with what 2020 entailed—from Covid-19 to racial injustice. And, due to the many issues that arose this past year, it’s understandable that they pushed the release back.  

Now that the long-awaited show is finally here, we can finally see what Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have been up to since we last saw them in Avenger’s Endgame. And believe me when I say that it was worth the wait.  


Spoiler-Free Review 

The first poster to be released of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, picturing the focuses of the show, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. The series takes place six months after Avengers: Endgame. (Credit: worldtoptrend)

It was clear from the very first episode that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would captivate its audience. From the multimillion-dollar budget (25 billion per episode, to be exact) to the A-list celebrities, it not only brought in Marvel fans—but your everyday movie-goers, too. 

The mini-series has become so popular that it’s been nominated for an Emmy award and, thankfully, been confirmed for a season two. A report from Samba TV even said that 1.7 million households watched “New World Order” (the first episode) on opening weekend.  

As for the plot, casting, acting, and locations of the series themselves, I’d give it a 10/10 

Both Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) and Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson) played their characters flawlessly. Fans and casual movie-goers alike may be able to relate to Bucky’s PTSD and depression, while others may relate to racism that Sam experiences. Of course, Emily VanCamp makes an appearance as Sharon Carter and Daniel Brühl as Zemo, respectively. But new faces are introduced, such as Wyatt Russel as John Walker, Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres, Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley, and Adepero Oduye as Sarah Wilson.  

The plot itself is interesting and constantly taking unexpected twists and turns. The timing of the show is reminiscent of that of a movie, with episodes picking right up where the former left off. Unlike WandaVision, which resembled a sitcom, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier feels like a Marvel film that you’d see on the big screen.  

Some fans that tune in to watch the series may notice some familiar sites in the series, which was partially filmed in our very own Atlanta, GA. Other locations include cities throughout the Czech Republic, such as Prague and Smíchov.

Overall, even if you’re not a Marvel fan, this is a series worth watching. After all, it’s got everybody talking.  


———————-Warning: The following content may contains spoilers———————–


Where do I start? With how much I appreciate that Marvel is acknowledging Bucky’s trauma? That Marvel is acknowledging racial and social issues? The bickering we between Bucky and Sam? 

It’s impossible to pick a place to start, so I’ll start from the beginning. 

It’s no spoiler that John Walker, played by Wyatt Russel, was made “Captain America” in light of Steve going back to the past. However, fans were left wondering whether or not Walker would keep that role for long. (Caption: themarysue)

“New World Order” was released on March 19th with 1.7 million people tuning in to watch. Needless to say, it showed new sides of Sam and Bucky—and it also introduced John Walker, the new “Captain America”.

Throughout the following episodes, we’re introduced to the anti-hero, Karli Morganthau and The Flag Smashers, and see John Walker’s decent into madness.  

In the fifth episode, we see Sam and Bucky make amends, with Bucky helping him fix up an old family boat. Sam also begins training to become the next Captain America—and we see his progress in a short montage. Bucky, after talking with Sam, makes the choice to “do the work”. I’m guessing that this means he’s going to apologize to Yuri and come clean about what happened to his son.  

With just one episode left, we’re left wondering what’s going to happen. Will Bucky finally start working through his trauma? Will Sam take on the “Captain America” mantle? What’s John Walker’s fate? Will Karli finally see the light? Whatever happens, I’m sure that it’ll be a season finale to remember.  

If you’d like to watch the finale, be sure to tune in this Friday, the 23rd of April, on Disney+ to see the season come to a close ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Post-Show Thoughts 

(written on 4/27/20)

Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, and Baron Zemo team up to stop The Flag Smashers, led by Karli Morgenthau. The unlikely team-up was made possible by Barnes breaking Zemo out of prison and Sharon managing to find them in Madripoor. (Credit:

Favorite Character: It’s a tie, for me, between Bucky and Sam. I know it’s stereotypical to choose the two main characters, but they’re both interesting and impactful characters. Bucky shows the realities of working through trauma, and Sam delves into social and racial injustice. Overall, it was an impactful season that dealt with real problems.

Character I think could been improved: For the first time ever, I can’t think of a character that I think could have been improved. I feel as if the directors, screenwriters, and actors portrayed the characters realistically, something that other shows may lack.  

Favorite Relationship: I can’t start this off without saying how much I love the rivalry between Sam and Bucky, but when it comes down to it, my favorite relationship was between Sarah and Sam. Having a brother myself, I love watching them interact. They bicker, sure, but they’re there for each other. You can see how much they care about each other, and how much Sam’s nephews look up to him. Their relationship is one of my favorite things about the series. 

Sam, Sarah Wilson and her sons, and Bucky Barnes on the final episode, grabbing a bite to eat after Sam takes on the mantle of “Captain America”. (Credit:

Favorite Episode: So far, as of 4/27/21, my favorite episode has been the fifth, “Truth”. I loved seeing Sam and Bucky putting their annoyance for each other aside to work on the Wilson family boat. It was nice to see Bucky deciding to work through his trauma, but my favorite part was when Sam starting training with the shield, training to become Captain America. I felt as if Bucky became a part of the Wilson family.

Favorite Scene: Although I love all of the Sam and Bucky scenes, I’d have to go with the scene where Sam becomes Captain America. It was powerful, emotional, and a perfect way to end the season.

Season 2?: I was wishing for a season two since the first episode—and while that’s still in the realm of possibility, it’s just been announced that Captain America 4 is in the works, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.