Why you should visit Black Rock Mountain State Park

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to travel. Whether that be by visiting new places, discovering new cultures, or seeing something that we haven’t seen before. Sadly for a lot of us, traveling may not be so easy in the terms of economy and time.

Have a peaceful day in your state. (Credit: Maynor Chinchilla)

Although traveling the world may be well out of reach right now, remember that there are other places to travel right outside of your neighborhood such as a beautiful park.

I’m going to take you to just one of these many parks today, so jump in your car and put your seatbelt on, because today we are going to be visiting Black Rock Mountain State Park in Rabun County Georgia.

Black Rock Mountain State Park contains 1,743-acres. You can find cottages surrounding a playground, campsite areas, a beautiful small lake, and of course a beautiful place for a walk with beautiful views.

Be ready to be amazed by the beautiful views on the top of the Black rock mountain state park. (Credit: Maynor Chinchilla)

Something that you need to know before visiting this amazing park is that this State Park is the highest one located in the state of Georgia. The altitude is 3,640 ft.

So, be ready to take some pictures and to be amazed with the beauty of Black Rock Mountain.

To learn more about Black Rock Mountain State Park visit, their website.