Review: ABC’s “The Hustler”

ABC rang in the new year with a new game show called The Hustler, a twist on any ordinary game of trivia. It is hosted by Craig Ferguson, a comedian and actor who also hosted The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. His natural wit and confident stage presence make him an entertaining host, his style fitting in with the concept of the show. 

ABC’s “The Hustler” stars comedian and host Craig Ferguson and a variety of different contestants each week. (Credit: ABC)

Five contestants band together to answer a series of questions, with each correct answer earning $10,000. The catch is that one of the contestants already knows all of the answers – the Hustler, who must keep their identity a secret, is the inspiration behind all of the questions, each one loosely relating to some factor of their life. Throughout the game, the Hustler eliminates two people who they think may suspect them of being guilty. He or she must work to increase the cash prize while also not making how much they know suspicious. At the end of the game, the final three players state who they think the Hustler is. If the two who are not the Hustler both guess right, they split the money. If the Hustler is able to fool at least one of the two other players, convincing them they are not the Hustler, he or she gets all of the money. 

The Hustler is entertaining for its variety of contestants, each sharing some details that are, presumably, true. It is fun to try and play along with the contestants, trying to guess who you think the hustler is and who they will eliminate next. There is also the basic trivia element, so you can test your knowledge on random facts. 

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, taping of The Hustler was limited, and season one concluded with only eight episodes. Fans are hopeful, however, as the show is reportedly inexpensive to produce, and ratings seem good enough to pick it up for a second season. 

Episodes were airing on Thursdays, however, now you can catch up by watching on ABC’s website or on Hulu.