Emory Students and Other Georgia Universities Are Required to Get the Vaccine in Order to Attend Classes


Emory University gives vaccines to students on campus. Photo Credit: Emory University

Gracie Ross

Emory’s students are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend the university. According to the Emory website, “Emory University will require all students to be immunized for COVID-19 for the fall 2021 semester, with exemptions for those with medical conditions or strong personal objections.” 


Emory provides registration for students to get the vaccine. Students can contact [email protected] with questions they have about the vaccine. 


Many college students and future college students will have to adjust to rules and regulations of Georgia colleges and universities, requiring students to have the vaccine. 


Although students are required to get the vaccine, they are still required to wear mask and practice social distancing. Vaccines are not 100 percent effectivetherefore masks are still required on campus. 


If vaccines are available outside of Emory, the school recommends students go there, considering vaccine availability is limited. 


Not only can students and staff sign up to receive the vaccine, but they can also volunteer to give the vaccine. Emory is in desperate need of volunteers at the vaccination site. The Emory site says, “they need clinical and non-clinical volunteers who are current Emory Healthcare and Emory University staff.” 


Many high school seniors have been affected by COVID-19 and have had to adjust to COVID-19 safety in schools. High schoolers are now deciding where they are going to college, and COVID-19 requirements could influence their decisions. 


Not only is Emory University requiring vaccines, but other Georgia private colleges are as well, such as Morehouse College, The Morehouse School of MedicineSpelman College, and Clark Atlanta University. Other schools are providing the vaccine for their students and recommending it such as Georgia State University, University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, Berry College, Georgia College, and Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Southern University said they will not require vaccines for students or provide it to students. 


Universities have worked closely with the Georgia Department of Public Health Care on making sure they are keeping campuses safe and healthy. 


Emory is also providing three types of COVID-19 testing. Students who live on campus are required to get tested twice a week. Students who live off campus are required to test for COVID-19 seven days prior to entering the campus. The three types of testing offered at Emory University are onboarding testing, screening testing, and diagnostic testing. The twice a week testing for on campus students is done and organized by hall. Therefore, students who live on campus are required to have COVID-19 testing and get the vaccine. If the student takes a vaccine that must be done in two doses, students are required to take both doses. If an Emory student feels sick or exposed, they should schedule testing immediately.  


Emory and other Georgia colleges are offering vaccines and testing to ensure students safety and make sure students are healthy.