Minecraft recommendations for when you get bored in your world

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Have you ever been playing in your Minecraft world and think you’ve done everything? Have you lost your spark to building? Here are some perfect ideas to spice up your world!

Design your own village

A perfect thing to do when you get bored is to start designing and building your own personal village, you could find a default village and make it your own or you could start from scratch and build up a whole city.

Photo of a custom Minecraft village made by “Blue nerd Minecraft”. (Credit: Blue Nerd Minecraft)

Along with building these custom villages, you can fill up your personal village with trading villagers for enchants and certain items. 


Build your own dream house

One of my personal favorite things to do is build my dream house or multiple dream houses and create a neighborhood.

An example of a suburban house, featured in this tutorial. (Credit: Minecraft)


“The End”

In Minecraft, one of the game’s main objectives is to beat the “ender dragon” in a battle. When you defeat the dragon you gain over 50 levels of XP in the game.

A photo of the end dragon in Minecraft. (Credit: Minecraft)

You can beat the ender dragon as many times as you want by crafting the ender crystals, this spawns the ender dragon.