Review: MLB The Show 2021

William Tribick, Staff Writer

Fernando Tatis jr. on the cover of MLB the Show 21. (Credit: MLB The Show 21)

Finally, after months of waiting for the new MLB, the show game has dropped and it’s one of the best ones yet.

The anticipated game was announced to have included Xbox for the first time ever. Now Xbox users will be able to play the same game and play with each other. The game added loads of new features in this year’s edition.

The stadium creator mode was introduced and players love it. It offers scenery in the background like stands and monuments. You can even add dinosaurs! Another new feature has something to do with the road to the show.

Now, after customizing your player you can add him to your diamond dynasty team and keep his “legacy” alive. They also added a new pitching style called “pinpoint” which is harder for the players, but once you master it is deadly.

There are more minor details added to the game, but it is still similar to earlier versions. The game is still very good and new Xbox players who have never played it get a new experience.

Overall this game is very fun and worth the $60.