Covid-19 Update for Roswell High School


Fulton County Schools release what the new protocol will be starting May 3rd and May 17th. Photo cred: Fulton County Schools

Grace Swift

Two week ago, the Fulton County District released how they are planning on continuing to control the spread of Covid-19 at schools. They had a meeting with students and parents about how they want to go further on protecting students and faculty at Roswell High School. 


The meeting began by talking about the numbers of how Covid-19 has affected the school. The Fulton County Board of Health Epidemiology reported that, “ As of April 20, 2021 Fulton County has recorded 80,462 confirmed cases and 14,302 probable cases of Covid-19.”  After they reviewed how many truly got Covid-19, they then recorded how many people died from Covid-19, “As of April 20, 2021, Fulton County has recorded 1,250 confirmed COVID-19 deaths. 116 deaths are currently under review by GA DPH to confirm cause of death.” Although 1,250 deaths is a lot, only 4.2% since Sept. 1 have required hospitalization and 1.3% died from Covid-19.


The board went on to talk about vaccination and how Fulton Schools are reacting to the vaccines. Overall, 3,501 FCS employees and 924 others have gotten the vaccine, the amount of shots given to FCS employees and others is 7,833. The board goes on to explain that a fully vaccinated staff/students who are free of any Covid-19 symptoms do not need to quarantine if deemed in direct contact with a Covid-19 positive person. This allows those who have had the Covid-19 vaccine to not have to worry as much about getting contact traced and having to quarantine for 10 days. Those who have the vaccine can instead stay at school and continue to work. The board then goes on to explain that it is not required for employees and students to get the vaccine but that they must fill out a survey that states whether they have gotten the vaccine or not. When schools are hiring new employees, the employees do not need to have the vaccine but will be asked if they have received the vaccine or not at the point of onboarding.


The meeting then went on to talk about what the new safety requirements will be starting May 3. The major changes they are making relate to outdoor activities. “For outdoor activities only, masks will be recommended but not required for students in grades 9/12 and  employees in high schools.” This new rule is also related to any school sponsored events and activities for visitors/spectators.  The board has decided to lift capacity limitations for outdoor school venues (stadiums, fields, etc.) and coaches are now allowed to attend banquets.


The board also discussed what the regulations will be for May 17. They discuss that students PK-8 and employees are now also allowed to not wear a mask outside during activities; however, they are recommended to. They also stated that, “School Leaders, in consultations with their respective community support organizations, may schedule and host outdoor end of year celebrations to honor the achievements of students without restrictions on group sizes.” 


When discussing the Summer Focus plan for Fulton County, the protocols will remain the same as the 2020-2021 school year.


The meeting then goes on to discuss how they believe Fulton schools during 2021-2022 will go with Covid-19 protocol. “Face-to-face will be the default option for all students. FCS will have two virtual options, the Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence(F.A.V.E) and the Fulton Virtual program.” This means that all students are expected to be in school unless they decide to do FAVE. FAVE is a new, permanent virtual solution for students grades 3 -11. The fall 2021 class is planned to accommodate 1,000 students. Grade 12 is planned for the following year. However, K-2 classes are not offered.

The Fulton county releases a flyer about new FAVE option for students for next year. Photo credits: Fulton County Schools

Overall, the district wants to express that they will continue to monitor data and collaborate with healthcare officials from the Fulton County Board of Health, The Georgia Department of Public Health, and the Center of Disease Control to determine how best to best provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, staff and visitors. 


Junior, Adleigh Wheeler, expressed her happiness about the new protocol, she goes on to say, “I am excited about the new protocol especially since I will be a senior next year at Roswell High School. I am excited to see some kind of normality at school, including seeing more people at school and being able to go to football games and other sports events without worrying if I can get a ticket or not because of the capacity limit.”