Steph Curry becomes the all time leading Scorer in Warriors History

Steph Curry passes Wilt Chamberlain to become Warriors all time leading scorer.
Photo Credit: Clutch Points

Steph Curry passes Wilt Chamberlain to become Warriors all time leading scorer. Photo Credit: Clutch Points

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

Steph Curry has been an absolute sensation to watch for the NBA and its fans ever since he was selected as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 draft. He had been drafted from a college named Davidson and has played for a team called the Golden State Warriors ever since. Steph Curry has become a six-time all-star and two-time MVP. He is the heart and soul of the Warriors squad as he brought their organization the first championship since 1975. 

Stephen Curry and his Championships

With Steph Curry continuing to shock the world again, with the passing of Wilt Chamberlain to become the Warriors all-time leading scorer. On that marvelous Monday night of April 12th, 2021 Steph Curry had dropped 53 points to pass the immaculate record that stood for nearly 60 years! Curry was 10 for 18 on 3-pointers, 4 for 6 on 2-pointers and 15 for 16 on free throws. “Any time you hear his name,” he said to Chamberlain after the game, “it’s kind of daunting, because you know his records are so hard that some of them are even impossible to eclipse.”

Steph Curry holds the major Golden State Warrior records as he leads the organization in all time assists, 3 pointers and free throw percentage. He is the only two-time MVP in franchise history and is one of only a few that have won three championships with the franchise. For over five decades, Wilt Chamberlain held the Warriors record for most points. Chamberlain did not spend his entire career with the Warriors but was so dominant in his time there that he managed to rack up an immense 17,783 points. No Warrior player had reached this milestone until now. With Curry doing what he does best quick and in style, he ended up reaching the milestone in the 1st quarter.

Every NBA fan had known that Steph Curry would eventually pass the great record that Wilt Chamberlain had held at one time; it had only been a matter of when he was going to achieve the great goal. As the question has finally been answered. NBA fans are wondering how many more points Steph Curry will obtain as a Golden State Warrior and if it will last for as long as Wilt Chamberlain did. 


Sophomore Ryan Sargent states that “Steph curry really put himself up and above after passing Wilt. It’s a really crazy moment in history for the NBA but mainly the Golden State organization.”