Braves off to a cold start this season


Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman after striking out. Photo Credit: popculture

William Tribick, Staff Writer

After months of waiting, baseball is finally back in action. The Braves look for another division win in hopes to make it to the world series. They look for their 4th straight division win to advance to the playoff. The beginning of the season seems to have taken a toll on our home team. The Braves have started off with a bang but in the wrong way.


The first 30 games of the MLB have been very exciting. Different names like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Mike Trout are dominating the league. The Dodgers as always are doing better than ever. The same could not be said about the Atlanta Braves. Although we have one of the hottest players in baseball, Ronald Acuna jr., the braves can’t seem to fix their hitting. Not to mention the loads of injuries for the braves pitching staff. At the 29 game mark the Braves find themselves fourth in the division with a 13-16 record. They can’t seem to beat their division rivals which is critical to their season. Although they have had a rough start, there are still 133 games to be played. 


Max Fried, Braves ace was injured with a right hamstring strain earlier this season and missed a few starts. He now claims that he is feeling better and is set to make a return to the rotation within a week. The Braves have also been missing their old ace Mike Soroka for nearly a year after he tore his right Achilles last August. Walker Westberry, Roswell baseball player, says, “So far the braves have managed to get by without Mike, but I think that in order for them to win the World Series, Mike needs to come back” Soroka had a magnificent 2019 season and only amassed a 2.69 ERA. With this key pitching from Mike the Braves will be set to do very well in the future. Mike is set to return in early June. 

The hitting on the team could also get better. The hitting in the whole league could also get better. Hitting is at an all time low so far this season for the whole league. It has been a disaster for struggling teams to not find a hot streak. This is the case for the Braves. They have not been able to put runners on base in key situations this year. The Braves are known for putting up great late inning numbers but this year has not proven it. Ronald Acuna Jr. seems to the only one on the team that has clutch hitting. Not to mention he is leading the team in many key categories like batting average (.327), home runs (10), RBI (21), OBP (.424), and hits (34). 

This just proves how elite of a player Ronald Acuna is. Not to mention the solid hitting from Austin Riley, with a .301 batting average on the year. Last year’s reigning MVP Freddie Freeman does not look too hot at the plate, with a .202 batting average this year. He seems to have fallen into a slump that is very detrimental to the team. 


The Atlanta Braves have been slow to start the season but that doesn’t mean fans should give up on them yet. The NL east division that they play in also seems to have been hit by a dry spell. If Atlanta starts hitting at the plate and fixes their pitching situation they have a great chance at the playoff this year. Not to mention they have a long season ahead of them, so there is a lot of room for improvement.