Review of Wallows “Remote Deluxe” Album

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Cover art for “Remote Deluxe”. (Credit: Wallows)

Wallows released their album “Remote” not too long ago which has six songs, recently they surprised fans with a deluxe album following some new songs.

I recommend if you have already heard “Remote” and liked it to follow up with the deluxe version of it. However if you haven’t heard both albums or don’t even know who the Wallows are, I recommend reading this article which talks more about “Remote” and who wallows are.

If you already are familiar with the indie rock band and still haven’t heard their new albums, remote deluxe would be a perfect album to listen to because it includes the songs on “remote” but it has additional songs.

I personally liked Remote Deluxe and think it went perfectly with Remote. The new songs on the album “On time” and “Quarterback” are my personal favorites. However, I thought all the songs were amazing and worth to listen on repeat.