Best places to get bathing suits

Cecilia Rubio, Staff Writer

As the summer is approaching, it is time to get ready and purchase some new bathing suits. There are so many places to purchase suits but here is a guide to some of the best quality and affordable swimsuits, for both guys and girls. 

First, for girls, some of the best quality suits come at a price. For example, popular swimwear brands are Frankies, Lspace, and Billabong. These range from 40-80 dollars and are high quality. If you are looking for more affordable swimwear, check out Pacsun, Jolyn, and Shein, and Romwe. Shein and Romwe may not always be the best quality, but they are very affordable and cute. All of these options can be ordered online, but some, like Billabong, can be found in stores. Other popular retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Hollister also offer suits in store.

For boys, popular swimsuit brands are Patagonia, Ripcurl, and Chubbies. Many of these options can be found in stores such as Dick’s, REI, and most department stores in malls. They offer many sizes, lengths, and patterns for everyone. 

If you are looking for some new swimwear this summer and need some inspiration, check out these stores and see what you like, and enjoy your summer.