Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team Aced Their Season!


The girls’ varsity tennis team has developed a tight bond during this unusual season! Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Martin

Claire Mulkey, Director of Communications

That’s game! The Roswell High School girls’ varsity tennis team has finished out their season with a regular season record of 12-4. The team played Milton, Cherokee, Alpharetta, Woodstock, and Etowah in their division. The season ended in the state tournament, where the team started out fourth seed. They lost to North Gwinnett, who was the #1 seed, in the second set. Though the season did not end with a state championship, it was still impressive since the team finished in third place. The team has not done that well since 2014, so the success of the season was a big accomplishment. 

To win a match in high school tennis, the two teams play five separate matches. Whichever team wins the most matches out of the five wins the whole match. For individual matches, there are two sets with six games in each. All the games go to at least four points until on of the competitors lose by more than two points. 

One reason for the success of the team was the strong leadership and camaraderie amongst the girls. Junior Rachel Griggs explains that the team worked hard during every match and “uplifted each other during the difficulties.” The team had goals of “playing their best during every match and continuously working towards self-improvement with each match lost or won,” reveals Griggs. Senior Erin Roeser says that the season was fun and that she “learned that you gotta go with the flow when you lose a player or if someone gets hurt.” Roeser will be sad to leave the team, especially since she formed close bonds with the girls. 

A highlight of the season was beating Roswell’s rival, Milton. Griggs says that this was one of their goals for the season, so when they beat the team during the regular season, they felt like their goals were met. 

This season, like all others, has had many difficulties because of COVID-19. Masks were required on buses and when not playing matches. There were some matches, like the JV Roswell vs. JV Blessed Trinity match, that were postponed because of COVID-19 quarantines, though the tennis team did not have to deal with as many restrictions or changes to their season as the fall sports did. Freshman Emily Buck started out the season on the JV team. She says they had a really good season, losing to Blessed Trinity and Walton. Buck enjoyed her time on the team and “got to meet a lot of new players, too!” After the JV season ended, Buck got pulled up to the varsity team in case a player was injured or contracted COVID-19. This is just another example of the changes that sports team must make during the pandemic. 

The Roswell girls’ tennis team did not reach the state championship, but their advancement to the first round of state playoffs is a major accomplishment. Roswell High School is proud of the girls’ tennis team’s remarkable season and can’t wait to see what they can do next year! 

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