Nike Has the Best Running Shorts

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

Running plays a big part in most of our lives, so why not run in comfort and style when you have Nike running shorts. (Credit: Alex Johnson)

Nike: a “worldwide brand”, the “best of the best”. At this rate, they will continue to live up to the latter moniker. With this popularity in certain categories of clothing and shoes many times Nike comes out on top out of the other brands. One such category is running. Nikes’ run collection gives the costumer different varieties of running clothing and shoes. My personal favorite is their Nike running shorts. 

These running shorts are by far the most comfortable shorts I have owned and it proves the point that running shorts can also be comfortable. Now the name “running shorts” does not mean they are used for just running. I love wearing these shorts while going out places and doing activities with friends. They can go with everything while also having that athletic appeal to them because of the running shorts style. Now I also do run a lot, so these do obviously help while I run. The shorts have a tiny back pocket on the back side of the waistband, and I use this very convenient pocket for my AirPods case while I run. So, I really am getting the most use out of these shorts as possible. 

I currently own a black pair and will most likely continue to buy more pairs in different colors in the future because of how much I like themBecause they are not your average pair of shorts and have a different material, the special Nike Dri Fit material can also allow these shorts to an extent be swim trunks 

It all goes along to say that the Nike Run collection is very solid in its quality and a good buy. You can never go wrong with a good pair of shorts that really have no cons to them, which is why they have slowly started to become my favorite pair of shorts.