Review: DJI MINI 2 Drone

Alex Johnson, Staff Writer

Technology is more advanced than ever and with that technology a lot of good has come out of it. Drones have become a huge part in our daily lives from entertainment purposes to work purposes. These drones have made some jobs a little bit easier for us and it helps a lot.   

The DJI Mini 2 is a great way to pass down time and go on your own little adventure. Here is a photo i was able to get with the Mini 2 of all the sports fields at Roswell. (Credit: Alex Johnson)

I purchased a drone a little over 3 months ago from DJI. Their DJI Mini 2 was my first ever drone that I have bought, and it has not disappointed. The Mini 2 is a step down from their normal size drone, hence the name “mini”, but still has those higher end qualities that the others offer. Before I bought my drone, I did some research on some top drone brands and with DJI being very high on the list I knew what I had to do. The DJI Mini 2 starts at about $449 which compared to other high end drone companies this price is not that bad. A couple things that stood out to me were the actual attributes of the drone itself. Those attributes include 10km video transmission, level 5 wind resistance, ultra-clear 4k video, intelligent modes, and quick shots, 31-minute max flight time, etc.  

I think the best part about the Mini 2 is probably how easy it is to set up. First things first you must download the DJI app and once that has been downloaded you connect your phone to the controller and then turn the drone on and your all connected and good to go. I was surprised with how easy this actually was to set up an entire drone with just a couple buttons. 

One aspect that I like the most is the cool 4k visuals you get with the drone. With the controller I can tell the drone to take a picture and since the controller is connected to my phone, I get a 4k ultra picture that goes directly to my camera rollThese 4k videos and pictures are really fun to play and mess around with. I can take the Mini 2 all the way up to 2,000 feet and take a picture and it will come out with this amazing 4k visual. The DJI Mini 2 was a very good buy for me, and I will continue to use my drone for more awesome shots in the future.