Is it a Bite or Bust? Tasty dishes from the newest café in town, The Nest Café

Sophia Schwartz, Staff Writer

Throughout the past hectic year, many businesses have been working hard to stay afloat. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, new restaurants are starting to open up.

The Lolly Waffles at their finest. (Credit: Michael Schwartz)

One of the newest places to open up is called The Nest Café. It is a new brunch place that is slowly growing new businesses around Atlanta. Its newest restaurant is in Alpharetta, and a new one is on the way in Milton.  

This type of restaurant is a simple order and sit-down kind of place. When you enter the café, you order your food and receive a number.

Shortly after, a staff member brings out your food. Their menu includes many wonderful breakfast classics like waffles, breakfast sandwiches, and pancakes. They also serve gluten-free and vegetarian options, so everyone is welcome to eat delicious foods.

For younger customers, there is a simple but tasty kids’ menu. Some of the popular foods that are highly rated online include beignets and the Lolly Waffles.  

The one downfall of the café is its hours! It is sadly only open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. It seems about normal for a breakfast and brunch place, but students would love to enjoy the tasty treats all day. Also, because the café is small, parking and seating can be an issue. 

Simply from looking up The Nest Café, you can see all the love the restaurant has gotten. The reviews speak for itself. Google rates it a 4.5/5, Facebook is 5/5, and 4.8/5 on Groupon.  

Positive Reviews:

5 stars: 

“I always get the turkey and brie (substitute the cheese with Feta because I don’t like brie. Their peach tea is delicious! Tastes like peach rings. I love this cafe. It’s always clean, the staff is always friendly and the food is always AMAZING! Parking can be a little of a nuisance. They have outdoor and indoor dining. Restroom inside as well. 10/10.”- Yeraldin Castaneda (Local Guide) 


5 stars: 

“We really enjoyed visiting this place, the mood is super nice and the food is good. They have different fruit’s mimosas, we tried the raspberries one and was really good. The servers were very helpful. They have different selections from paninis, croissants and eggs.” – Wendy Wakfie (Local Guide) 


Negative Reviews: 

1 star: 

“Please don’t visit. Ridiculous wait times. We came in for brunch and even for lunch time we never received our order. Such a waste of time and you can get better cafe’s for same style and taste of food with much better service. Kindly don’t waste time here … not enough seating inside as well. All you have is outside and it rained slightly when we went. I didn’t feel it worth …” – Srujana Rayineni 


1 star: 

“With the star ratings, I was excited to go. Ending up eating in the car because we could not sit and our food came to us after one hour. I thought it was worth the wait, but the food was not that great.” – Jazz J. 


From simply looking at reviews online, most of the reviews were positive, regarding the atmosphere and the food. The service of the staff was also good, but the issue came with the wait time. Most, if not all, of the negative reviews that I read mentioned having to wait a long time to order and receive food. To me, I think that the restaurant just needs to expand its size and increase its staff to make up for the loads of customers visiting daily. 

In order to get the best insight about the café, I decided to send a visitor to experience going into the restaurant. This visitor happens to be my father, Michael Schwartz. He did the whole shebang. From waiting in line, to how the food tastes. After his experience, I interviewed him to answer some questions to help give insight on if the café is worth your while.  


What was your first impression of the restaurant?

Mr. Schwartz: When I first walked in it smelled fresh, like you could smell the fresh waffles. I like the energy of the place. There were people everywhere. I liked the professionalism, how nice the staff was, and I really life the layout

One of the biggest complaints of this café so far is the wait time. What did you experience 

Mr. Schwartz: I thought the wait time was excellent. We went it was packed. We ordered at exactly 10:50… before we knew it at 11:00 on the dot our food had arrived

You had order one of the most popular items on the menu, the Lolly Waffles. What was your experience with the food?

Mr. Schwartz: They were excellent. They were warm, they were soft, they were fresh. They tasted good. I give it a 10/10.” 

Do you think that the prices for the food were reasonable?

Mr. Schwartz: Yes. For the quality food you got and the quantity of food, I thought it was very reasonable

If you were to go back again, what would you want to change about the experience? What do you think that they could improve on?

Mr. Schwartz: The only thing they could improve on is a little more seating. It was packed in there so there wasn’t a lot of room. People were standing around.” 

There you have it folks, an in-depth review of The Nest Café. If you’re into brunch foods on the weekends, you should definitely give it a try!