Cooking with Gabby: Protein-packed pre-workout perfection

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

Fueling yourself for a long day at school or work is key. Without the proper amount of food and nutrients, the brain won’t function correctly.  

Once blended up, pour your shake into your favorite cup and enjoy. (Credit: Gabby Lerner)

I typically have practice before and after school, so it is important that I eat enough food to keep me going throughout the day. Before my morning practice, I need to eat something that provides me enough nutrients and energy to get through the session. After experimenting with different foods like fruit and protein bars, my favorite recipe is my strawberry-banana chocolate protein shake.  

The ingredients needed for this shake is ½ cup of strawberry, 1 banana, 2 scoops of your choice of chocolate protein (I use Ghost Protein), ½ cup of fage yogurt, and 1 cup of oat milk.  

I use frozen strawberries and bananas because I like a thicker texture to my protein shakes, like Wendy’s Frosty’s.  

This recipe is quick and easy; I throw all the items in a blender and blend it to the consistency I like. If I want more volume in the shake, I add ice to thicken it out and make it seem like I have more to drink. 

The protein shake requires only four ingredients that can be found at any supermarket and your favorite chocolate protein. (Credit: Gabby Lerner)

My favorite thing I like to do with the shakes is to blend it and freeze it overnight. Then, in the morning I have protein shake ice cream I eat to start my day because who doesn’t love ice cream at 5am?  

This recipe is super easy and is a perfect pre workout snack to ensure that you are fueled for whatever you plan to take on that day. Because I love this recipe so much, I rate it five out of five stars.  

If you have any ideas for recipes, let me know. Enjoy your shake!!