Why you should visit the “Heart of Roswell” park

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Heart of Roswell Park is located on Canton Street. Canton Street is located in the heart of Roswell’s Historic Downtown. The street is full of restaurants, cafés, and small clothing stores.

Heart of Roswell park is a very small picnic area full of Art, and even though there isn’t much to do at the park, it’s a beautiful place to eat food that you buy at a café in the heart of Canton Street.

The park also offers you a walk on Canton Street, and is also close to the Library and the Cultural Arts Center.

Heart of Roswell Park is also close to the Archibald Smith Plantation Home, which today is an historical museum which talks about the history of the city of Roswell and also about the history of the entire country. The mini museum can also help you learn about the Smith family who lived in this house for three generations.

I hope you can get the time to eat something delicious in this beautiful park.