New Restaurant Brings “Gusto” to East Cobb

Tara Goff, Graphics Co-captain

gusto! is a health-food restaurant with various locations in Atlanta. The newest addition to the chain is in East Cobb, less than thirty minutes away from Roswell High School.

The restaurant celebrates their opening by donating a portion of their profits to a children’s charity. (Credit: @whatsyourgusto on Instagram)

The restaurant features a variety of bowls, all inspired by a different style of food. For example, the Tex-Mex-style bowl is chipotle, mango, and avocado, while the Thai style bowl is ginger, lime, and peanut. Once you have chosen the style, or as the restaurant calls it, the “gusto,” you choose a base; there is either all brown rice, all mixed greens, half-and-half, or a pita wrap. 

My first impression of the gusto! East Cobb location was the aesthetically pleasing style, both inside and out. The white exterior of the building has navy blue and yellow accents, while the inside has a clean look with light wooden tables, a cement floor, and greenery as decorations. Bailey Oetinger, 12, who also visited the restaurant, mentions that she appreciated the appearance as well. Additionally, I am excited that there is a drive-thru at this location, as it makes the ease of take-out even easier, while still maintaining healthy options, unlike other fast food restaurants in the area.  

The “gusto” that I chose was one of the Mediterranean-inspired bowls: tzatziki, lemon, and artichoke with a half-and-half base. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were also kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, and pickled red onions in the bowl, as these were not specifically listed on the menu (though, looking back, I realize are shown in the advertisement). The overall flavor combination of the bowl was really delicious, and I loved the tzatziki because it was very creamy and flavorful. I do wish that there had been more chunks of artichokes, as they were somewhat scarce throughout the bowl and were only small pieces. The lack of the one ingredient, however, was made up for in the rest of the portion, as all of the other flavors were evenly dispersed. Oetinger adds that “the way all of the flavors are mixed together is delicious.” Another of my favorite parts of the meal was the free sweet potato chips that came with the meal. With the perfect crispiness and temperature, it was obvious that they had been made fresh. 

Aside from the food, the overall environment of gusto! was extremely lively. With its positive, friendly workers, all of whom were excited to tell you about their favorite flavor combinations, I felt welcomed into the space. The restaurant was a little loud, making it hard to have conversation while at the table, but this was a minor inconvenience when compared to the overall positive experience at gusto!. Oetinger agrees, saying “I was very hesitant about going, but it took me by surprise. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for a healthy meal.” I would definitely go back, and look forward to trying the other Mediterranean-inspired bowl, which has tahini, cucumber, feta, and chickpeas. My first visit to the East Cobb gusto! was an 8.5/10 experience. Visit the restaurant’s menu here to find out “what’s your gusto.”