Freshmen Rapidly Adjusting to High School


Freshmen utilize their study hall to complete work, so they don’t fall behind. Photo by Devyn Hlavek

Devyn Hlavek, Staff Writer

Freshmen have four weeks under their belt and are already facing the challenges of high school. Most students don’t know what to expect when entering a new school and they are finding the demands of high school to be more than expected. However, they are rising to the challenge and creating plans for success.  

With the freedom and excitement of high school comes struggles and hardships. While some freshmen have found the transition to high school seamless, most have been faced with harder classes and an increased amount of work. Freshman Caroline Head says, “there’s a lot more homework and commitment than in middle school. Teachers are more strict about turning work in on time.” In middle school, many students were taking easier classes with minimal homework, while in high school it is essential you put in effort if you want to succeed. As freshman Jeremy Chick says, “you have to stay on your work or else you’ll fall behind a lot easier.” It is essential that freshmen put in their best effort if they want to set up a path to succeed during their high school career. 

To make the adjustment to high school easier, freshmen have found ways to help them succeed and make the transition as smooth as possible. Freshman Aaron Smith says, “the fact that school is not virtual anymore and being in person” makes high school easier, while freshman Lilli Suarez had an easier transition because her older brother gave her tips. Many freshmen have older siblings or peers who give them advice and help them navigate high school.  

Freshmen have also created their own plans to keep up with the high school workload. While some allot a certain amount of time after school, others utilize their study hall time or free time during school. It is critical freshmen plan ahead to complete their work, so they do not fall behind. Freshman Caroline Head says, “I have a planner and I write down my homework for each class and important due dates.” Also, freshman Aaron Smith discussed he must remind himself of work due and is making sure he pays attention in every class. Whether students use a planner to keep track of their work or set up a schedule, they all have a unique plan that sets them up to succeed.  

Freshmen socialize with friends during lunch to help make their adjustment to high school easier. Photo by Devyn Hlavek

While this year’s freshmen have enjoyed their experience in high school, there are still struggles they are facing with the adjustment. Especially with last year being virtual, many students are facing the reality of school and the work it encompasses. When asked about what they were struggling with, many freshmen mentioned math, because it has many small details and is much more advanced than middle school math. Freshman Aaron Smith says, “the biggest thing I’m struggling with is keeping track of all the little details in my assignments because if I don’t, I will make mistakes.” When going into high school, freshmen are not completely prepared and must adjust and adapt to the environment and work.  

Although every freshman is struggling with something different, they are all taking on the challenge and learning what will help them succeed. Freshman Caroline Head expresses, “I rate my high school experience an 8/10 so far because there are still things I am struggling with.” The class of 2025 recognizes there will be challenges,  but is positioning themselves to make high school a great experience. 

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