Mask Mandating for indoor events

Nathaniel Baker, Staff Writer

Recent Fulton County COVID-19 case and rate counts by cities Credit: Fulton County Epidemiology report

While wearing a mask in class has become almost second nature to most high school students, don’t forget that all indoor events will require masking. Any student planning on attending a game, club, or any other indoor activity on school grounds will now be required to wear a mask, even if the event is after school. Masks are also required on all buses to and from these events if you do end up riding with your team. 

Even the fully vaccinated students should consider the COVID-19 guidelines and do their part to keep everyone else safe by taking the proper precautions and following the mandate. 

Most recently published epidemiology report from August 31 shows us that Roswell now has 348 positive cases per 100,000 residents, which is well above the bar of 100 cases the school district set up for mask requirements.  

When asked for his opinion on the subject, senior Grayson Kennedy said, “It honestly does not really bother me all that much. I am just glad for the option to participate in these and hang out with my friends.” 

The state of Georgia has recently seen an increase in school clusters and recommends that even the fully vaccinated should follow the mandate, as if they were never fully vaccinated. 

Since August 9, there has been a district-wide mandate, which requires masks for all students and staff. With cases being as high as they have been since school started back up, this could be our new normal for quite a while.