Crime Rate Soars in Atlanta

Krysta Schwab, Staff Writer

Atlanta, a city known for its music/entertainment industry, cushy suburbs, and decent public-school systems has wildly turned into the apex for crime and distress.  Crime rates have exponentially soared since mid-June, and there is no sign of halting.  

Atlanta has seen better days as crime rates increase. (Credit: Krysta Schwab / @discoveratlanta on Instagram)

Statistics from the Atlanta Police Department show that the city possesses a three out of 10 on the crime index scale. The crime index is the average of all crimes including robberies, assault, shootings, homicide, etc. based on location, with 10 being the highest in these averages, and therefore, the most dangerous. While a three on this scale is on the lower end, crime in Atlanta has been above the national median of 6.8 violences per 1000 people since the late 1900’s with the most prominent forms of crime being homicide, rape, and robbery.  

40-year-old Katie Janness’s stabbing on July 28 at Piedmont Park prompted a frenzy in the greater Atlanta area, leaving many in fright to go about their day-to-day activities. Katie had been walking her pit bull, Bowie, before she was brutally stabbed multiple times. The killer had even taken the life of Bowie. Katie and Bowie were found later the next morning after being tracked down by Katie’s long-term partner, Emma Clark. The Atlanta Police rapidly made their way to the scene before searching the entirety of Piedmont Park. Footage of Katie and Bowie had been retrieved through park security cameras, but no culprit was seen. Obituaries displayed with candles, photographs, flowers, and dog treats were held around the Atlanta area for the victims.   

 July 26, the preceding day of July 27 consisted of events of equal atrocity. 18-year-old Tori Lang was a devoted student who had big plans to study architectural engineering in college. Her plans were cut short when her harmless night out turned into a missing person’s case. According to 11-alive, Tori’s body was found at Yellow River Park in Gwinnett County-about 20 miles from Piedmont Park. Tori’s autopsy report stated that her cause of death had been from gunshots, a very different MO (pattern or manner of working criminally) than the death of Katie Janness and her dog. Similar to the first case, the Atlanta Police have not named any suspects at the moment. 

The violence that has been seen towards women in the city has brought about a conversation that has not been resolved: women’s safety. Whether the suspects’ intentions to target women specifically is unknown, the vulgarity of the situations has attested to women’s fear for their safety. Roswell senior Virginia Lyon states, “The Atlanta murders make me feel unsafe, and more anxious than usual. Being out at night as a woman scares me in general.” It is more common than not for a woman to always carry a method of defense on her, whether it be pepper spray, a knife disguised as lipstick, a tazer, etc. The general wellbeing of women is constantly compromised, and recent events have done all but pacify the circumstances. Tabitha’s House, an organization that raises awareness for sex trafficking states that, “Atlanta is the fastest growing industry and second largest enterprise in the United States.” It is vital to recall that Atlanta holds a spot in the top five states for human trafficking, with Florida, Nevada, Mississippi, and Ohio not far ahead.  

General safety and wellbeing of city goers has remained delicate as light of these crimes has come about. The exponentially increasing crime rate in Atlanta has left citizens, particularly women, fearful for their lives whilst going about their day. Citizens anxiously await justice for the victims, and hope for these dark times to subside.