Is Homecoming Worth the Price? 

Brooke Yates, Staff Writer

While the school year comes to a start, many students have only one thing on their minds: homecoming. A night of dancing, friends, and fun, dress attire and dinner dates are a foundation for failure. This so-called “epic” occasion is simply just money tossed down the drain. School dances are supposed to be a night full of enjoyment, but instead, for some, it’s one big check. Sooner or later, we need to realize that homecoming is no longer worth the price.

Junior Brionna Evans wins homecoming princess and is runner up to homecoming queen, senior Emily Harrell (Credit: Brooke Yates)

September 11th, the day each scholar at Roswell has marked on their calendars, the beginning of homecoming. Unlike the usual indoor event, homecoming will make a new appearance outside by the atrium.  This new adjustment will require a new form of apparel, leading some to break the bank. This additionally has to do with the constant need for people to make sure their outfits are the ones to beat and perish the thought of matching with others. It makes you question, is the three-hour, two Instagram-able pictures, and an overprice dinner worth your wild? And what happens when the night finally comes to an end? That two-hundred-dollar outfit will be stashed in the back of your closet, or maybe even at your local thrift store next week. 

 When talking with some of the 2020 homecoming court, it was unbelievable how much money people spent on this night. Former homecoming court participant Lily Gorlin, a junior, gives us an inside scoop on the best affordable places to shop for dresses. “I recommend the store Windsor, it’s an easy go-to and my number one favorite place to shop for nights like these. They have tons of cheap, short, and cute dresses and you could never go wrong with them.” While there are price-friendly options like Windsor, outfits aren’t the only thing that puts a hole in our pockets. Most people enjoy going to dinner with friends and ordering the best of the best off the menu. Restaurants like Stony River, Zest, and Vas Kouzina, are all known for their great food. But with good food comes a price. Looking at their menu, some of their food is on the higher end of the price range. Appetizers start at a whopping fifteen dollars and leaning into the twenties. It’s no wonder why a good number of people go to Waffle House with these absurd prices.  

This year’s homecoming may be one of the most attending ones yet due to last year’s Covid-19 setbacks, there’s no question that people are going to be spending a killing. However, there’s a solution to this madness. Thrift stores are booming with inventory every hour/day. This is not only economically better but also great for the environment. Not to mention, many students at Roswell are upperclassmen and have dresses and suits from previous school dances. And for the dinner situation why not host a dinner party at your house, and save a bit of cash? Roswell is a big city with many family/black-owned restaurants with amazing budgets and outstanding food. 2021 homecoming will look different for many reasons, but now is a better time than ever to switch up the same old traditions and save a little money.