Fulton County’s Updated Covid-19 Mandates for Roswell and Protests

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Unlike last year, Fulton County has changed their COVID-19 mandates across the school system. Currently in Roswell the following stands: 

Starting Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, all employees, and those visiting Fulton County facilities will be required to wear masks indoors. “Our goal is to ensure the safety of everyone that comes into this building and all Fulton County buildings,” said Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts. 

This however does not involve outdoor property of Fulton County, which is why this year’s homecoming was outside in between the atrium and the bus lane.  


Fulton County’s Plans for Masking 

Chart of cases in Roswell from August 4th to now. (Credit: Jessie Schwitters)

During this school year Fulton’s plans are stated below: 

“Where the rate of infection exceeds 100 per 100,000 residents will require all students, personnel, and visitors to wear masks until such time as the level of spread drops.” 

Currently as of Sep. 10, 2021, Roswell has more than 100k cases.  

Parents Fight Back

Yesterday morning parents of Fulton students gathered around outside in front of Roswell High School protesting against Fulton’s mask mandate, making such statements as, “I can’t breathe” and “My body, My choice.” 


These protesters stood outside the school until school started at 8:20, during this time parents passed out flyers to students walking past them. These protests have been happening all across Fulton County and as well as other county’s due to mask mandates. 

 These flyers included their email and other contact information as well as QR codes to help them sign their petitions and support their lawsuit. 

Not only were these protesters handing out flyers, but they were reported to have been holding flags from the 9/11 memorial the school had put up a couple days before. 

“What happened at the school this morning (and is probably still happening) was atrocious. Not only were these people protesting the health and safety of students, but also took flags from the 9/11 memorial to use in their protest” said Sarah De-Atley (10).