How The Cookie Crumbls Week 8/30 and 9/6

Ansley Tanner, Director of Human Resources

The Crumbl logo is a chef and is featured on the wall inside the building. Photo Credit: Ansley Tanner

Welcome to the monthly reviews of Crumbl cookies! To start, it is important to preface with the two classic cookies: Sugar Cookie and Milk Chocolate Chip. These two are the only cookies that stay the same week by week, while the other four flavors change every Sunday when the shop is closed. The Sugar Cookie is a fluffy cookie with creamy pink icing and is served chilled. This is uncommon for a cookie and a fan favorite. Personally, I like this cookie a lot because it is on the lighter side of Crumbl’s flavors. The second classic is the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie. This is the most popular cookie in households in America and at Crumbl. It is very rich and served warm. Roswell junior Katie Northenor gives this cookie a 10/10 and claims, “I could eat a whole box of them!” Crumbl cookies are unusually large for cookies and come in boxes of one, four, or a dozen.  

The week of August 30, the flavors were cookie dough, caramel pumpkin, classic oatmeal, and galaxy brownie. 

The cookie dough cookie was new, but it was sold out when I went.  

The caramel pumpkin cookie was a pumpkin cookie topped with caramel cream cheese frosting. It was perfect for fall season and tasted exactly like a slice of pumpkin pie. I would rate it a 10/10. 

The classic oatmeal was a new cookie and was very delicious. It was simple and reminded me of something from my mom’s kitchen. There’s no going wrong with a classic oatmeal. I would rate it a 7/10. 

Galaxy brownie is a fan favorite and came back by popular demand. This brownie with fudge icing would not even fall under the cookie category in my ranking. It was, however, a rich, good quality brownie.  

The week of September 6 had a breakfast flavor theme. The cookies included were waffle, old-fashioned doughnut, banana bread, and cereal milk sandwich ft. Pebbles cereal. 

Waffle was a returning flavor and a good spin on a typically sweet cookie. The cookie’s appearance was especially interesting, having a waffle press and a dollop of frosting to appear like a patty of butter. It was served with syrup and tasted exactly like a waffle. I would rate this cookie an 8/10. 

The new old fashioned doughnut flavor also had a unique shape, being a doughnut. However, I found it lacked flavor and just tasted like a warm version of the classic sugar cookie. I would rate this cookie a 5/10. 

The banana bread cookie blew my mind because it tasted like a loaf of warm bread straight out of the oven. While I loved this cookie and the flavor, it does not fall under the cookie category for rating, because it is more of a bread dessert.  

The cereal milk sandwich ft. pebbles cereal was shockingly yummy. This seemingly odd flavor had amazing execution with the pieces of cereal in the sugar cookies filled with a cereal milk frosting. This cookie was served cold and definitely the most unique of this week’s batch. I would rate it a 9/10.