Destinations with Devyn: Hitting a Home Run in Cooperstown 

Devyn Hlavek, Staff Writer

Cooperstown sign welcomes players and their families to the All Star Village. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

When you think of New York, the first thing that comes to mind is the big city. However, there are so many other places to explore in New York including Cooperstown, which is the birthplace of baseball and home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Many 12 and 13 year old  youth baseball teams, including my brother’s baseball team, visit Cooperstown every year to compete at the All Star Village. Although baseball may not appeal to everyone, there are many other activities around Cooperstown including shopping, museums, restaurants and lake activities.  

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is arguably Cooperstown’s most famous attraction. A ticket to enter the museum ranges from 15 to 25 dollars depending on your age. When you first enter the museum, you will see the golden plaques of all the baseball players that have been inducted into the hall of fame. The second floor features the timeline and history and is the best part of the museum to visit if you’re interested in the development of baseball. However, my favorite floor was the third floor which featured more baseball memorabilia than you can imagine including world series rings and trophies. You can also enter the gift shop which has Hall of Fame merchandise to remember your visit. For Braves Fans, there is a great tribute to the late, great Hank Aaron.  

The Baseball Hall of Fame features memorabilia for every MLB team. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

The reason my family traveled from Atlanta to Cooperstown was to watch my brother at the All Star Village. He and his team stayed in the village, while my parents and I stayed at a nearby hotel. The village had 7 baseball fields, a restaurant and plenty of stores to buy Cooperstown gear. Although there were many early mornings and late nights watching baseball, it was fun to cheer on my brother’s team and spend time with their families. After their games, we would go to the tavern in the village and enjoy food and drinks after spending hours outside. At first I was hesitant about watching baseball for a week, I ended up having an amazing time and lots of fun in Cooperstown. 

Although I enjoyed spending time in All Star Village, my favorite part was downtown Cooperstown which had entertainment and plenty of shopping. There is also a big lake called Otsego Lake which is a pretty place to stay and you can rent a boat for the day if you are adventurous and like the water. There’s a lot to do in Cooperstown, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do everything. If you are ever fortunate enough to make it to Cooperstown I would highly recommend doing the escape room with your friends, eating a delicious sandwich at Denny’s on main street and checking out your favorite baseball player in the Hall of Fame.