Album Spotlight: Kanye West’s Donda

Sterling Hitchcock, Staff Writer

This was the orginal rumored cover art for “Donda” (Louise Bourgeois, FEMME)

On August 29th2021, Kanye West dropped his infamous “Donda” album that fans had been waiting months and months over.

The album was equipped with twenty-seven gospel-driven songs that left many listeners with mixed reviews. After taking the time to listen to every song multiple times, the album was a masterpiece that was beautifully produced, and the dedication he put into the album shined while listening to the music.

Kanye’s ability to perfectly place the songs throughout is what made it so special, every track felt like it was in the right place and it flowed very well. Although it is not “traditional” Kanye, “Donda” has all the qualities to become an album that will be deemed a classic and age better and better as time progresses.

The best songs I would recommend to others as the best of the album are “Pure Souls” (Feat. Roddy Rich),  “24”, and “Lord I Need You”.

“Donda” is certainly something I do not expect everyone to like and I completely understand if it is hated, the gospel aspect he adds into his songs is not for everyone but I thoroughly enjoy listening to it so this is why I’ve praised the album so much.