Review: Netflix’s Titledown

Toby Fagan, Staff Writer

Valdosta is home to, historically, one of the best high school football teams in the nation.

The famed Valdosta high school football stadium. (Credit: @ValdostFB on Twitter)

They hold the record for national and state championships and have the best winning percentage of all time with 929 wins and 244 losses. With such a storied history it would only make sense that this show focuses solely on football and a once great powerhouse’s journey back to the promised land, right? Wrong.

This show is soap opera garbage. They only care about stories that don’t matter, because those are the kids that signed the disclosure agreement. Our cast is 5-star quarterback and Miami commit Jake Garcia, his backup Amari, a sophomore JV d-end Grayson, and the oh-so controversial head coach Rush Propst.

To start we must acknowledge the controversy that Valdosta High School immediately gets into by hiring a coach that very recently got fired by the Georgia High School Athletic Association for player abuse. That’s right his school didn’t fire him, the GOVERNING BODY did.

Second on the list of controversial newbies is Jake Garcia. He is a 5-star quarterback originally from California but moved to Georgia when he found out he wouldn’t get to play his senior season.

This all seemed normal until we learn that his parents legally separated to make this move, and NONE of this was legal according to the GHSAA. That means they had a coach who hated kids and QB who couldn’t play.

But don’t worry, none of those shenanigans stopped them. Jake was able to play 2, count ‘em, 2 games before GHSAA ruled him ineligible at Valdosta, but since he was already in state, he then transferred to Grayson High School about 5 hours north and won them a state championship. Just normal activity in the religion that is Georgia high school football.

We then move on to Amari. He may be the most normal character on this show, his only flaw is that his mom doesn’t know about his girlfriend and his feelings are hurt because this illegal transfer stole his spot a QB. Lastly is Grayson.

Now his story is what makes this show the trailer trash garbage that it is. Netflix found out that he is talking to two girls at the same time, I know shocking a high school sophomore can’t make decisions.

They got hooked on this kid and instead of making the show about football 75% is this idiot’s twisted love life.

This may be one of the biggest disgraces a docuseries has ever made to the sport of football, I mean Friday Night Lights was at least enjoyable, but this flaming turd that Netflix gave us is nothing short of unwatchable.

Rating: 1/10.