Cafe Intermezzo Coffee Review 

Brooke Yates, Staff Writer

Cioccoloccino latte with hints of dark chocolate. (Credit: Brooke Yates)

“America runs on Dunkin,” is a notorious but an untruthful saying. While Dunkin has good coffee, there are multiple coffee shops in Georgia that serve impeccable coffee, like Café Intermezzo. Located in Alpharetta, Café Intermezzo has sweet treats, and good eats but mostly amazing coffee. 

The café serves lattes with classic foam art to a full electric buzz with their Turkish coffee. The coffee that caught my eye was the Cioccoloccino. This was a smooth blend of dark roast coffee beans, with a favorable taste of Dutch chocolate infused in cream. It also included a dust of cocoa powder on top of this smooth rich latte. The café, in addition, has a variety of milk options, as I paired this delightful drink with oat milk. 

The caffeine level for this drink is mild. While it doesn’t give you a burst of buzz from the first sip, it does give you a slow caffeine kick that gives you enough energy to last you for the day. The atmosphere of the Alpharetta location is a much quicker pace than at a coffee shop on Canton Street, in Roswell. This quicker pace atmosphere can pull in a lot of costumers at once, causing the customer service to be slow. 

I give this coffee house a 7/10 stars, because of the slowness of the workers. The café also didn’t have a good to-go system in place, so I was waiting for a worker to place my order for a good 20 minutes. The coffee shop did have an enjoyable atmosphere and the decor was nice, with optional seating outside as well as inside. Café Intermezzo’s coffee was a nice new change and an upscale from your regular coffee chains.