Fashion Business Sisters

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

One of the most popular pieces on the Kendall + Kylie collection at Pacsun right now! (Credit: Alli Wiggins)

Many of society today wonders how the social media influencers Kendall and Kylie Jenner have earned so much money, and where they get a small portion of their closet from. Some of the contributions could include their joint exclusive section at Pacsun: Kendall + Kylie Clothing. Some teenagers of today aspire to dress like fashion icons Kendall and Kylie, so Pacsun figured this would be a way to appeal to these audiences. 

Pacsun, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, appeals to many young and trendy teenagers or adults. This brand gives you the appearance of a southern-California surfer with the variety of bathing suit options, summer dresses and more. Pacsun has collaborated with numerous celebrities for endorsements such as Haley Bieber, DJ Khaled and Emma Chamberlain. Many of these celebrities know how to pull off unique looks for possible trends, and that is what is important to Pacsun. 

The Jenner twins know how to keep up with the earliest trends as well, when designing things for the brand. Ranging from mini skirts to sweaters, they release new collections when things go out of style. The line launched in February of 2013, and has consistently dropped collections since. 

Many teen girls have made purchases from the Kendall + Kylie collection at Roswell High School. “They just have so many options, for all four seasons, and it’s inexpensive as well,” mentions Izzy Chandler (10). Most of the clothes, even dresses and jackets, are kept under $50 at Pacsun which is essentially less expensive compared to other trendy brands, like Urban Outfitters. 

I just recently bought one of the most popular things of the collection right now, which is the brown houndstooth sweater vest. It is truly one of the softest sweater-like pieces of clothing I have ever owned. It can be worn with a turtleneck underneath for warmth or can be worn for these cold mornings and hot afternoons without anything under! I paired it with jeans and converse, but it can definitely be fashionable with sweatpants or leggings. I give the brand a stellar 10/10!