An Alternative Hit: “BRIGHTSIDE” by The Lumineers

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

Cleopatra album covered released in 2016. One of the best albums of all time (Credit: The Lumineers)

Fans have been longing for an arrival of a new album by the adventurous alternative band, the Lumineers. The band released one of their best known albums “III” on September 13, 2019. Finally, fans’ dreams have come true. On september 20th, the band released a single called “BRIGHTSIDE” and also announced the full album, including nine songs, which will be released on January 14, 2022. 

When driving, on a nice fall day, I always immediately turn on the Lumineers. The acoustics and Wesley Shultz’ soothing voice, creates the perfect energy for this time of year. This band’s music creates a subconscious feeling of driving through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, ironically being where the Lumineers formed- just outside of Denver. 

The band is made up of six members all of whom play a variety of instruments and even sing along with Shultz. Together, they can create a catchy tune that brightens any listener’s day. In 2012, the Lumineers hit number two on the Billboard charts for the song, as many know, “Ho Hey”. Since this, they have continued to suit the adventurous and “mountain-man” type audience releasing a total of four albums. 

“I always turn on the Lumineers when I’m driving alone and in the mood for a good beat,” mentions Sadie Zeigler (12). The band has performed all across the world, showing how many people they have truly impacted not just in regions of the United States. The production of a new album is just beginning as they previously released a new single. I, being a fan, am so excited to see how the song and album does and to possibly go to a concert when they begin their tour. 

The song “Brightside” sounds different from the others. It starts off slow and then progressively gets faster once it gets closer to the chorus. The Lumineers have an incredible method of going slow to fast, therefore, I give this song a 9.5/10!