What the health?

Brooke Yates, Staff Writer

Documentary on Netflix uncovering the truth on what’s in our food (Credit: Netflix)

We are living in a society that’s killing us in broad daylight, but the killer that’s on the loose is what we can’t live without, or so I thought. There’s not one of them but thousands. They’re rich and well known, and most Americans are their prey. Our fugitive on the loose is America’s food industry.  

“What The Health” is a documentary on Netflix giving us an inside look of what’s in our food. Not only is it eye-opening, but it will make most of us change our everyday diet. America is 10th in the world, with a high obesity rate of 42.4%. The cause of this skyrocketing percentage is the food America is allowed to sell to consumers. The documentary talks about how it’s legal for the dairy industry to sell up to 750,000 cells of pus in a gallon of milk. Making each sip we take closer to our death.  

So why are these big companies allowed to sell us straight poison? Easy, the government makes a profit off our sickness. Health care in America isn’t free, unlike other countries. So, to keep the government prosperous and the sick sicker, they sell toxic food to us. Most of the food that is being sold to us contains ingredients that are illegal in other countries. An example of this is the classic “magically delicious” Lucky Charms cereal. It contains Trisodium Phosphate, in other words, cement legal for us to eat, making us sick.  

The myplate has been used for “portion control” for years. (Credit: MyPlate.gov)

The graph below is a well-known one, showing different food groups we are told from a young age we should eat. But after watching this documentary, it was crazy how two of these food groups, meat, and dairy, are killing us. “Eating one egg per day is as bad as smoking five cigarettes” (What the Health 17:01). If we all went vegan or even vegetarian, America’s health wouldn’t be in jeopardy, and heart disease, wouldn’t be the number one death in America.