Atlanta Braves Forming Into True Postseason Contenders


The Atlanta braves are getting their groove back as post season nears and it looks as if they will make a push for a championship. Photo Credits: Grady Johnson

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

As the Major League Baseball postseason nears, what teams are looking solid going into October? About a month ago, the Atlanta Braves were third place in the NL (National League) East, not looking like a true playoff contender. The Braves have taken control of NL East but are still competing to gain full control. Although the race is extremely tight between the teams, a month of 29 games remain for the Braves to make their final push towards crowning NL champs again. Though the Braves lost all five games against the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers, there was positive from some of the games. Three were one run games and hadn’t been overmatched at all. This Atlanta Braves team has so much talent and potential and if click in the right way can be a very dangerous club 


The Braves have just finished a series up with the Colorado Rockies, splitting the series 2-2. The ball club has been doing just enough to stay in the hunt. The Colorado Rockies have been one of the best teams in the MLB. The recent split of the series is a win for the Braves because it means that they can stand up to a challenge. After this split the Braves will take care of a few games where the teams have not been playing so well. With a high chance of the Braves winning those games, the club will have to go out West to face the Giants, Diamondbacks, and Padres.  

All these teams are extremely beatable, though the Giants have remained a solid ball club. The Diamondbacks are a very average team and the Padres are crumbling, struggling to come away with wins. Finally, the Braves will finish a huge home series against their division rivals the Phillies and Mets as this could very well decide the winner of the Division. 


Even though these games will not be easy for the Braves to win they have a great shot to take full control of their division and show how dangerous they are as postseason approaches. Atlanta Braves fan Ryan Sargent, 11, states that “I have full confidence in the Braves to push for a great playoff spot but not only that, to push for a title this year. I feel that they are getting their groove back and it will be deadly for the upcoming playoffs.”