The Met Gala Returns but Not Without Controversy

Gracie Ross, Staff Writer

New York’s night of glamorous fashion is always talked about for months after. The Met Gala welcomes stars, upcoming creatives, and industry paragons. It is a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This event is made only for the elite and holds high prestige. 

Roswell Students critique Met Gala looks and take a deep dive into the decision behind the theme. (Credit: Gracie Ross)

Outfits of the stars are talked about endlessly. Stars are interviewed about the inspiration behind their outfits and who designed them. All the outfits are outside the box and extremely creative. Stars enter this ostentatious event and flaunt their outfits to inspire Americans. 

This year The Met Gala theme was American Independence. Met Gala guests wear outfits that represent the diversity in America and wear colors and materials that represent true American Fashion. Met Gala attendees are people that are considered influential fashionistas or are highly recognized socially.  

This year’s Met Gala, the guest list was highly different than in past years. The attendees of the 2021 Met Gala were mostly of a younger generation and more upcoming stars. This Met Gala included TikTokers and newer actors from Netflix, and HBO Max shows that they didn’t have a high enough social status to be there. The range of people at The Met Gala was highly argumentative amongst people, but there was particularly one star who got a lot of positive feedback for making her first-ever Met Gala appearance. Senior, Alyssa Carlson, said, “Emma Chamberlain, I am so proud of her. She is my comfort person because she is so realistic about what it means to be human. Seeing how far she has come in her career makes me so happy”. Chamberlain was dressed by Louis Vuitton in a stunning beaded gold dress. Senior, Margaret Wheatly, said, “I loved Emma Chamberlains outfit, but everyone else’s outfit did not wow me as much as previous years. The outfits of the stars did not seem to correlate with the theme and seemed to ultimately miss the mark”. Wheatley also said, “I liked how they incorporated younger stars with more upcoming careers, I think that is something that needed to happen because normally the same people attend every year”. While some students liked the incorporation of new influencers some thought that it broke tradition, student, Krysta Schwab, said, “I don’t think Tiktokers belong at the Met Gala, especially Addison Rae and Dixie Damelio”.  

The Met Gala is a night where people can see stars dressed up in high fashion and look to see how they can correlate that into their own personal styles. Many Roswell students critique the outfits, and some conjure ideas from the out-of-the-box red carpet looks.  Senior Margaret Wheatly said, “I looked at the high fashion outfits and got ideas of what was most wearable and how I could include those styles into my everyday look”. While some students think that The Met Gala fashion is influential, others see it as degrading and negative towards the self-esteem of young individuals. Senior, Michael Bowie, stated, “I feel like the outfits are too outrageous and forces people to think they have to have all this drip and look so good when in reality normal people cannot wear outfits like that, and it tends to make kids feel negative about their own personal styles”.  

While some stars seemed not to follow the theme, other stars pulled ideas from American Film History. Kendell Jenner’s gown was designed with the resemblance of one of Audrey Hepburn’s Famous looks. Singer Billie Ellish’s low-cut dress and short blonde bob were inspired by Marilyn Monroe. 

Keke Palmer chose to imitate a fashion icon, Diana Ross. A vogue article by Okowdu interviewed palmer, where she said, ‘“The theme is American independence, and there’s no one better who comes to mind, I love Diana. She calls herself The Boss, and I call myself Big Boss so I thought okay she would be a great person to pull from”’.  

Alexandra Ocasio chose to illustrate her thoughts on social and political issues of America by wearing a white gown with a tulle bottom that had the words ‘tax the rich’ in red letters on the back. 12th grader, Maya Shepard, said, “I admired her decision to wear that dress and I liked the statement. I liked how she chose to be an active member in the country who is fighting to make a change in our country”. 

The number one fashion fail was Kim Kardashian. Kardashian wore a black Balenciaga couture gown with a matching black mask and train. Kardashian’s face and skin were completely covered. Unfortunately, Kim looked more like she was dressing up for Halloween than wearing couture. 

The looks of stars were controversial but overall were big topics of discussion. The night illustrated true high American fashion. Some Stars dressed to impress, such as Jenner and Chamberlain, while others such as Kim Kardashian, had fashion flops.