Technology at the Students’ Hand

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Roswell high school counselors help students not just to used the Naviance app but also help students to find and build student’s future. (Credit: Maynor Chinchilla)

Roswell High School has always tried to guide students to their future with the help of technology. This help comes in the form of computers, apps, links, or websites. 

An example of an app that is being used to guide high school students to college life is Naviance. Naviance is an app used for students to learn about careers that they might be interested in. So they can get an idea of colleges. It also helps students to apply to colleges and scholarships. To learn more about Naviance or request a demo, click here. 

But what is Naviance used for at Roswell High School? 

Ms. Yolandria Wyche, a counselor in the school, explained that Naviance in the school is used to look for future careers, apply for colleges, and also to apply for scholarships. Also, Naviance is used for some school surveys.  

She also explained that Naviance is introduced to students in Junior year when the students attend their junior meeting with their counselor, but mostly the app would be used in your senior year, when a student is ready to find their future college or career. She says that “in your junior year you are just going to be introduced to how to use the app by doing some task in which the student counselor would help.” 

Help is offer for students who are in need or help because of a technology problem, and also for students who want to learn how to used Naviance correctly. (Credit: Maynor Chinchilla)

Ms. Wyche thinks that even though the app’s target are juniors, and seniors, it would be good for the school to introduce it to freshmen and sophomores so they can “have the foundation” and some kind of knowledge of Naviance. 

Ms. Wyche also explained that some other time when this app is used is when the students need a letter for a college recommendation, to apply for college visits, and also to learn requirements and information for colleges. 

Ms. Wyche also told the sting that even though Fulton county forces us to use this app, she thinks it is very important because it helps the students to find a way to college, and it also helps them to find what they want their future to be like.  

For those juniors and seniors who are having a struggle to use the app or want to learn, Ms. Wyche wants to encourage them to visit their counselor and ask for help because sometimes the process of applying to colleges and doing other things can be frustrating, but it becomes easier when there is someone who is there to help you. She also wants to remind students that “Whatever choice the students make about college we are here to help you with support through this process.” 

What can students do in Naviance, and how can they have access to Naviance? 

Students can access Naviance through Fulton county ClassLink. Click here to go to ClassLink. 

Students can found their councilor and help for anything on students services where counselors are there not just to help but also to created a safe space for every student in the school. (Credit: Maynor Chinchilla)

In Naviance, students can go to the “self-discover” section where they can take some quizzes and try to learn about their own self, and also they can try to learn about what careers fit with their personality, and with the activities which they like. In the section called “careers”, students can explore careers and also can get information of what they need to get into that job and how many years in college it would take to get their diploma or if they just need their high school diploma. In the section called “colleges”, students can learn about colleges and also can look at the acceptance rates, the cost for college, and other information. 

Also, for those seniors and juniors who are struggling using Naviance, remember that you can find help on the school hub located in Students Services; this help is offered Tuesday and Thursday in 4th period. 

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