Dive, dance, drive, defend: A guide to RHS’s forgotten sports

Savannah Young, Director of Design

If there’s one thing students at Roswell High School know, it’s that the school has no shortage of athletics. 

And while some sports like football and basketball are bigger than others, every sport at RHS shapes the athletics roundup. 

But some teams get the backburner when compared to larger, more competitive and well-known teams.  

In fact, many RHS students didn’t even know we had a dance team, let alone a flag football team that practices weekly.  

So, in light of making sure all sports are included, here’s a rundown of some of the school’s sports that deserve a little light shined on them. 

The Dance Team 

Roswell’s dance team has been around a while, preforming at pep rally’s and wrestling matches, but it’s still a surprise when students found out that we have a dance team.

While it’s slowly gaining popularity, especially since the pre-homecoming pep rally a few weeks ago, many of the team’s dancers hope to dance more in the future.  

Sophomore Gabrielle Briscoe, who recently joined the team, explained that she used to dance when she was younger, but stopped around two years ago. 

“I mainly joined the dance team for fun, and I’m glad I did.” Briscoe said, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone on the team.” 

Gabrielle Briscoe: 10th, dance team “I’ve used to dance when I was younger, but I quit about two years ago. I joined the team for fun and am really enjoying the routines.” 

Flag Football 

While football may be one of the biggest sports in Georgia, it’s not exactly inclusive. As an all-male sport, the women of Roswell aren’t able to play on the team, but, thankfully, they’re able to play flag football.

Show your hornet pride by supporting the flag football team at their next meet! (Credit: Roswell Athletics)

Junior Makenna Rowlett, who’s been on the team for two years, is thankful for the sport, stating, I really enjoy playing flag football—I just wish more people knew about it. 

“It’s team driven—if one person doesn’t pull their weight, the whole team struggles. It’s honestly one of the best sports at the school.” 

The next flag football game is scheduled for October 27th. We here at The Sting are sure that the lady Hornets will lead them to victory.  

Swim and Dive Team 

RHS may not have a pool in the building (unless you count the one on the roof), but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have dozens of talented students who are ready to swim their way into action. 

Swimming isn’t just a sport, it’s a life skill everyone needs to learn. Whether you’ve swam competitively before or not, anyone’s welcome on the team. (Credit: RHS Swim and Dive)

Although Roswell has had its own swim and dive team for a while now, it’s in the background as far as major sports go. 

However, this is bound to change as new varsity Head Coach, Donna Klucsarits, begins coaching this winter. 

Klucsarits, who began teaching at RHS this year, is happy to fill the role and lead the Hornets to victory 

Before teaching at Roswell, she coached Brookwood Independent School’s swim team in Thomasville, GA. She’s also had experience as a YMCA swim instructor, and, amazingly, a Red Cross lifeguard. 

“I’m excited to see where coaching at RHS will take me.” She stated, “I’m beyond thrilled to work with student athletes this upcoming season and watch them develop. It’s always amazing to see them find their personal ‘bests’ in the pool, especially having fun.” 

She added that she encourages anyone join swim and dive, stating that, “swimming is a life-long sport and is great exercise to keep you fit and healthy” or to “help you train for other endeavors” even if it’s in a recreational sense. 


In Georgia, it’s rare that you’ll pass a town or city that doesn’t have a golf course nestled somewhere between shops and homes. In the South, golfers are everywhere, whether you’ve been playing a few years or your whole life. 

A former member of the Varsity Girl’s golf team, Kady Foshaug is talented both on and off the green. Although she graduated a little over two years ago, she’s still regarded as an amazing RHS golfer. (Credit: North Fulton Neighbor)

Even RHS has a golf team, one for boys and one for girls.

Head Boys Coach Jeffery Pickard has been coaching the team for five years now and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.  

“The great thing about golf is that every kid on the team is a champion.” Pickard said, “Really, golf requires as much athleticism as it does sportsmanship, and it’s great to watch the kids focus and root for each other.”  

Pickard explained that while golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, not many people know about the golf team. 

“It’s great for kids who want to go above and beyond, honestly, and I hope it gets more attention as the year goes on.”  

Now that you know about the lesser known RHS sports, be sure to follow the teams as they lead the Hornets to victory in their respective seasons. And be sure to comment your favorite RHS team down below.