Cooking with Gabby: Ascent plant-based protein 

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

Ascent’s plant-based protein powder. (Credit: Gabby Lerner)

Continuing with my protein shake obsession, I decided to try the Ascent plant-based protein. This plant-based protein is the first for the company and comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. I got the chocolate flavor to use in my protein shake recipe. I have often used Ascent’s normal chocolate protein powder, but I decided to try the plant-based because I wanted to see how it was compared to the normal protein powder as it is a vegan option.  

The plant-based protein has an extremely different texture that is like chalk. When I used it in my shake, the texture came out like batter, and was super gritty.  

I next tried one scoop of protein instead of two in my next shake. That shake came out gritty, as well, and had less of a batter texture. However, it was still super thick and chunky, and did not work with the other ingredients in the shake.  

I finally resolved to using half a scoop of protein, which gives the shake its normal texture if I was to use two scoops of Ghost or regular Ascent Whey Protein. I only continue to use this protein powder because the plant-based protein is very expensive, and I do not want to waste any of it.  

I do not recommend trying Ascent’s plant-based protein. The texture of your shakes or drinks will be altered dramatically if you are still looking to use the same amount of protein. I recommend using Ascent’s normal protein because it is a perfect ingredient in shakes and other recipes, but definitely not the plant based.