Special Scoops: Fall Edition

Claire Mulkey, Director of Communication

Bruster’s Pumpkin ice cream always fits the mood of a gray fall day. (Credit: Claire Mulkey)

Ring in the new fall season with Pumpkin ice cream at Bruster’s! The Roswell franchise has started making their traditional fall flavors, like Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Patch, as the orange leaves begin to fall around town. Customers who are already in the cozy fall season often excitedly exclaim when they see the seasonal flavors upon the board. 

Senior Lynley Blocker is an avid fan of Culver’s, which is a frozen custard and burger fast food restaurant a little under 20 minutes from Bruster’s on Highway 92. Her go-to fall order at Culver’s is the Pumpkin malt, which is a milkshake made of Culver’s Pumpkin custard and malt powder, which creates more texture than a traditional milkshake. She says that the pumpkin malt is “so good, because the custard tastes so real. It is a cream color, speckled with spices.” Since she loves the pumpkin flavor so much at Culver’s, Blocker decided to try out the Pumpkin ice cream at Bruster’s. Though she generally liked the flavor, “the ice cream tasted slightly artificial and the color was very disappointing. It was neon orange, which made me not want to eat it.” 

The bright orange color is definitely something that makes the flavor seem artificial and can put customers off of it. I personally tried this flavor and found I share Blocker’s opinion. The ice cream tasted of spices and fall, but the color made me less inclined to try it, since it seemed full of food dye. I also did not enjoy the flavor enough that I would get multiple scoops of it, as that spices taste can get repetitive. However, when I ordered Pumpkin with hot fudge on top, I liked it so much more. The chocolate flavor complemented the pumpkin flavor nicely and made it more enjoyable. Overall, I rate Bruster’s Pumpkin ice cream a 5/10 for its nice flavor and artificial color. Stay tuned for more fall flavor reviews next month!