Football – Fantasy or Reality


Fantasy Football participants ensure they have filled every position with players projected to get the most points. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

Devyn Hlavek, Staff Writer

While some people realize Fantasy Football is a game, football fanatics allow it to take over their lives for the 17-week season.  Most people begin playing Fantasy Football for fun, but they quickly become obsessed with the world of virtual football.  

Fantasy Football is an online football league where participants have an online draft, and they select a certain amount of players from the NFL. For some, they participate to compete against their family and friends for fun, but sometimes they increase the stakes and play for money. However, some people become so intertwined in the world of Fantasy Football that they find themselves checking their team constantly throughout the day. At Roswell High School, it’s very common to hear people discussing their teams with others or viewing how their players are doing. 

Some of the best overall players available this year include Christian McCaffrey Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, and Alvin Kamara. While some fantasy participants go into the draft with no knowledge of the players, others do research and strategize to ensure they can obtain the best players possible. The University of Georgia even has a sports statistics class dedicated to this type of research. Fantasy Football may seem useless to some, but after people try it for one season, it becomes an obsession. 

Not only is fantasy played for fun, but when people become serious about it, they begin to play for prizes. When asked why she likes Fantasy Football, Sophomore Hannah Chambers said, “I do fantasy because I can win money and other prizes.” Not only do people become obsessed with the concept of the game, but they also attempt to win money to make the game worth their time. The desire to beat your family and friends also contributes to the growing obsession for Fantasy Football. Almost every student at Roswell who takes part in fantasy said they check their team at least one time during the school day to make sure they are set up to get the most points and can beat their opponent for that week. 

Students take a break from their busy day to check their Fantasy Football team. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

Everything is good in moderation, Fantasy Football can be exciting and fun, but it shouldn’t be taken to a level of obsession. It gets you involved with many different teams in the NFL, versus only paying attention to your favorite team. Whether you play fantasy for fun or play it competitively, it’s a great way to stay engaged and connect with family and friends. 

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