Review: Rasoi Fusion, replacing India Chef

Sophia Schwartz, Staff Writer

(Credit: paddler4x on Trip Advisor)

“When in doubt…just order your favorite dish; A compare and contrast between two Indian restaurants.” 

During the last year many restaurants, that everyone knows and loves, either closed down or were bought out by other companies. One restaurant that was recently bought was a place called India Chef. This restaurant was located off of Holcomb Bridge Rd and was recently replaced with another Indian cuisine restaurant called Rasoi Fusion Restaurant and Bar. I visited the restaurant and learned that it had only been open for 15 days and was already a huge success. This got me wondering about the differences between the old and new restaurant. Because of this, I interviewed a long-time consumer of India Chef who recently visited the new establishment and asked her what she thought of the place.  


(Credit: Rasoi Fusion’s Facebook page @rasoifusion)

Me: “For how many years were you and your family going to India Chef?” 

Belinda M: “Since 2003, so 18 years.” 

Me: “What was your first impression of the Rasoi Fusion Restaurant?” 

Belinda M: “Very bright and welcoming atmosphere, nice staff and very good food. “ 

Me: “What did the atmosphere feel like? Was it welcoming and airy?” 

Belinda M: “It was bright and open. Very welcoming.”  

Me: “How does it compare to the atmosphere and style of the previous restaurant?” 

Belinda M: “The prior restaurant design was much darker with the bar in the middle of the floor plan.” 

Me: “How were the staff? Were they respectful and attentive?  

Belinda M: “The staff were friendly and attentive.” 

Me: “Were you impressed by anything for the place being open for only 15 days?” 

Belinda M: “I was impressed with the service and the food was very tasty.” 

Me: “What food dishes did you order when you went there?” 

Belinda M: “We ordered Aloo gobi, butter chicken, and naan” 

Me: “What were some good things about it?” 

Belinda M: “I liked the flavors in the aloo gobi.” 

Me: “How does it compare to the previous establishment? What could be improved?” 

Belinda: “At India Chef, the atmosphere was darker and cozier. The People that were there knew my entire family and knew all the foods we liked. The food was consistently great with flavor. The portion size was good, and we always had yummy leftovers. At Rasoi, the atmosphere is brighter, more open, and airier. When I went there, I only encountered one person, but he was friendly and accommodating. With the food, the butter chicken was more saucy than creamy, but still good. The naan I’ll have to try again when its fresh out the oven.” 

Rasoi Fusion’s menu (Credit: Sophia Schwartz)

Reading her answers to the questions, it seems like the atmosphere of the two places are opposites. The first restaurant, India Chef, seemed to be darker, cozier, and quieter. The new place, Rasoi, seems to have more of a modern feel with the bright lights and warmer atmosphere. The people from both places all are amazing people. They all were friendly and accommodating to the costumers. The food is another area where things seem to be different. The interviewer, Belinda, seemed to like foods from both places. She mentioned that one dish she tried tasted different from the dish at India Chef, but it still was tasty. I believe that the reason for the difference in taste with certain dishes is that India Chef was known to be a family-owned restaurant with specialized recipes. Rasoi on the other hand, is a franchise so its recipes are bound to be different than a family-owned place. Nevertheless, both places serve amazing foods.  Whether the atmosphere was dark or light, as long as the staff is friendly and the food is excellent, the restaurant will remain successful.