Kicking off a new legacy


The flag football team will begin their season on October 14. Their first home game will be on October 20, so make sure to show up and cheer on the Hornets. Photo Credit: Roswell Flag Football Twitter

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

Many girls dream of playing football but have challenges joining a team. Roswell introduced a new sport, flag football, that will begin their season on October 14 versus Denmark High School. The new team is being led by former assistant girls’ basketball coach, Coach Hoza, and assistant coaches, Coach Feilen and Coach Majors.  

The 2021 season is the first year for Fulton County to have girl’s flag football after Gwinnett County and Forsyth County, which have been doing it for several seasons. Other schools like Milton, Johns Creek, Creekview, Cambridge, and Centennial have also started a team. These teams will be put to the test this season against the Hornets.  

Coach Hoza became head coach after Athletic Director Coach Sutter introduced the program. Coach Hoza shared her excitement and experience she is bringing to the team, “I played in college in my sorority league, and I was quarterback. It was the one sport I played in college, and I know how to coach it and I love football.” 

The flag football season started in June with conditioning and currently, the girls are practicing every day after school running plays and different routes that will be used in games. Coach Hoza shared how unique the sport is because there are basketball players, soccer players, track runners, and lacrosse players all coming together for flag football. She also explained how each athlete brings skills that all help the team. 

The first ever flag football team for Roswell has twenty-two players with diverse sporting backgrounds. Photo Credit: Roswell Flag Football Twitter

The first season for the girls will be led by team captains, Katie Northenor and Tytiyona Harper, who are both Juniors. In addition to flag football, Northenor plays basketball, soccer, and runs track. Harper also ran track for the Hornets.  

Katie Northenor shared her thoughts and excitement about flag football, “I think it’s really cool because we are starting a legacy at Roswell. Once we are gone, flag football will still be here, so we are starting something new here.” Northenor also shared how honored she is to be leading her team and will do her best to make sure they are successful.  

The flag football team has very high hopes for the season. According to Katie Northenor, their biggest competition is Hillgrove, who was runner up at state last year. “We want to go to state, and we want to win state, but it is also our first season, so we don’t know how well we are going to do. I have faith we are going to do good,” she explained.  

Coach Hoza also shared similar ambitions when saying, “We hope to play until December 9, which is the championship game. I also hope the girls have fun. It’s their first year so we are just trying to have a great first season. We are hoping to win and represent Roswell.” 

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