Special Scoops: No Need for a Deep Dish of Deep Dish Apple Pie

Claire Mulkey, Director of Communication

The swirl of cinnamon in Deep Dish Apple Pie is disappointing. (Credit: Claire Mulkey)

On a brisk night in October, I visited my local Bruster’s for a scoop of ice cream. My sister and dog, Dolly, accompanied me to the counter that night, where in a spur-of-the-moment, fall-induced decision, I took a risk and ordered Deep Dish Apple Pie, another one of Bruster’s special fall flavors. 

I was a bit apprehensive about what would actually be in the ice cream, as I had never heard of it. I wasn’t sure what the color would be, either. As mentioned in my previous review on Bruster’s Pumpkin ice cream, color is very important to me. 

Dolly, my dog, jumps for joy at the smell of fresh ice cream! (Credit: Claire Mulkey)

When my server, a fellow Sting staffer, senior Tara Goff presented me with the cup of Deep Dish Apple Pie, I was underwhelmed. The ice cream was a creamy white color with swirls of dull brown, sprinkled through with shortbread pie squares. I found the taste of the scoop was much better, however, than the color, and slightly rescued my opinion of Deep Dish Apple Pie. The ice cream base, which is apple-flavored, was smooth and had just the right hint of apple. It was not too overwhelming, which was my main concern originally. My issue with the ice cream flavor was with the add-ins. I found the cinnamon swirl to be gelatinous and tasteless. The shortbread pie pieces were stale and soggy. I hate to give a negative review to an establishment I enjoy so much, but my rating for Deep Dish Apple Pie is a 2/10. Although I did not personally like Deep Dish Apple Pie, my dog thoroughly enjoyed licks of the ice cream, so at least one of us was happy!